Deep Relaxation Hypnosis

Woman in a state of relaxation surrounded with pink flowers

Hypnosis is the state of induced relaxation and uses individualised scripts to access the subconscious mind, reducing adrenaline and cortisol and restoring balance. Hypnosis soothes the system, allowing you to take control and become the best version of yourself.

There’s no walking around like chickens here, just relaxation all the way!

Benefits of Deep Relaxation Hypnosis include:

  • Easing anxiety and aiding relaxation
  • Habit breaking (including stopping smoking)
  • Pain control and dissociation from pain
  • Reducing fear surrounding pregnancy and birth

The treatment

Following the consultation to discuss your needs, you will be asked to sit or lay semi-recumbent for the hypnosis. The hypnosis will take you through stages of deepening relaxation and will then work on the aspect which you wish to treat through a range of hypnotic techniques. You will then be brought back from the hypnosis and have a chance to discuss the experience and ask any questions. You will be able to relax after the hypnosis in the waiting area before leaving.


45 Minute Hypnosis (plus 30 minute consultation time) – £55

A series of treatments may be necessary for optimum results.

(Please note, hypnosis is not suitable for all pregnancies. Please get in contact for more information.)